Nadja Atwal, PR

Nadja Atwal is a Forbes magazine featured award-winning PR expert, crises manager, author and a commentator on TV. 

She has appeared on numerous leading US and European TV and radio networks. 

Atwal has also developed and co-produced various  TV formats, from ABC to VH1.

As a publicist Atwal and her team have successfully used the power of creative PR to scale their clients’ businesses.  That includes using early media exposure for young start-ups in order to attract both costumers and investors. 


The German-born, New York based media expert has also  served as the publicist and media advisor to charities, including the highly rated, oldest US charity supporting Holocaust Survivors – The Blue Card which Atwal guided through the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Atwal has appeared as a keynote speaker at high profile events including for charity organizations like PETA and UNICEF.